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Our award-winning Residential Property Solicitors specialise in all residential property matters. On your side and by your side to ensure you receive straightforward and effective legal advice.

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Residential Property Solicitors

Here at Rowlinsons, our renowned team of professional Residential Property Solicitors have provided high-quality services to clients throughout the Northwest and Cheshire for many years. Our friendly, approachable, and dedicated team are well-known for their knowledgeable and efficient approach to all aspects of Residential Property.

Whether you're interested in buying the freehold on your property, considering transferring equity from or to someone else, or you're a first-time buyer looking to purchase your first home, we're here to help.  Simply contact us today to find out how we can assist.

Whatever your situation, you will always have direct access to your solicitor. We will ensure you understand all options available to you, taking time to explain matters clearly so there are no uncertainties. We aim to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

For expert advice  please call 0800 208 8011 or click here for an instant online quote.

Our Residential Property Services Include

Sales and Purchases

Our team excel is all matters surrounding the sale or purchase of residential property. We are award winning at what we do, and have achieved accreditation with the Law Society under the Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS)

Depending on the type of property you are purchasing, there may be nuances to the process of securing the property, and you'll need a solicitor who is experienced in that area of property law.  By obtaining the CQS accreditation we have demonstrated that our team has the expertise to provide superior legal advice and representation surrounding property sales and purchases, which reassures you we are more than able to provide the expert pro-active service you need.

Change of Ownership or Transfer of Equity

There can be many reasons for wanting to change ownership of a property.  A transfer of ownership is often requested after a divorce or separation, when one partner no longer has rights over the property’s equity (the money that is contained in the house after the outstanding mortgage has been deducted from the property’s value) and must be removed as an owner.

Additionally, in cases where properties have been purchased by siblings or groups of friends, a change of ownership may be required if one or more of the party members wishes to be released from the ownership.

Alternatively, transfer of ownership may involve transferring a property into joint names, such as after a marriage. Change of ownership requests are also made by people who wish to give their property over to another family member prior to their deaths, potentially to reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax that their loved one will pay on the property.

Whatever your reason for wanting to transfer ownership of your property, we’re here to help. The process of transferring ownership on a property is often complex, and it is imperative that key legal documents are executed correctly. As experienced property solicitors, we can help you understand all options and ensure the right forms and documents are completed accurately and lodged with the correct authorities.

Freehold & Leasehold Matters

When properties are purchased, they are usually bought as either freehold or leasehold. Owning a freehold property means that you own the property itself and the land it stands on, whereas owning a leasehold property means that the land and, depending on the property type, perhaps some of the building’s infrastructure, belongs to someone else. Generally, the owner of the freehold is known as the landlord.

When a property is sold leasehold, a leasehold agreement will be issued between the owner of the property and the landlord, with the owner being required to pay a fee to the landlord in return for the use of the property and its land.

A leasehold agreement is a legal document which specifies how long the lease will run for, leaseholders generally have the option to extend their leases or sometimes to buy the freehold of their properties if they choose to, but this requires the support of a specialist residential property solicitor. The process of buying or extending a lease is called leaseholder enfranchisement. 

First Registrations

When a property has never been registered with the HM Land Registry, the property owner must register the property promptly. After being registered, the property will be issued with a specific and unique ‘title number’ and a record of the property’s ownerships, mortgages and leases will be held. Properties that were unregistered must be registered if they have been bought by a new owner, and individuals who have received properties that have been unregistered, perhaps through inheritance or change of ownership, must also ensure the property is registered.

Knowing where to begin when it comes to registering a property can be difficult, but our solicitors are highly experienced in the field of registering formerly unregistered properties, and we will handle the process on your behalf from start to finish. Our approachable team will work efficiently to carry out the registration process, liaising with the Land Registry to ensure that all necessary documents are lodged in the correct way, and keeping you fully informed of the process’s status at all points.

Contact our Residential Property Solicitors

Whatever your needs, Rowlinsons are here to help. Our specialist Residential Property solicitors will help and support you through any residential property matter that challenges you or presents an opportunity for you and your family.

We appreciate the importance of attention to detail, reliability and the speedy turnaround of documents surrounding property legal matters and exchanges, with Rowlinsons solicitors by your side, you can expect sound legal advice and an excellent all round service.

Rowlinsons Solicitors boast a leading team of expert Residential Property Solicitors in Cheshire, and we regularly support clients across North Wales, Merseyside and beyond from our offices in Frodsham & Runcorn.

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