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Commercial Mortgages

Our Commercial Mortgages Solicitors in Cheshire can give you or your business the support it deserves, whether you are applying for a commercial mortgage or loan, lending to a commercial entity or considering a refinancing.

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Commercial Property Finance Solicitors

Whether you are buying your premises with the help of a commercial mortgage, refinancing in order to raise capital or lending/borrowing money, we have the expertise to help.

Our commercial property solicitors have many years’ experience in dealing with banks, individuals and other financial institutions in relation to loans and finance arrangements for commercial property.

Acting on behalf of  borrowers, lenders and private funders, from mainstream or high street lenders to the refinance of property portfolios, our team have the knowledge that allows them to progress and complete transactions in an efficient and timely manner ensuring that your interests are protected at all times.

Bridging Finance

One of the most attractive things about a bridging loan is the speed in which lenders process the matter, instruct valuations and complete the legal process in order that funds can be released in a timely manner, often within the space of 5 working days. Bridging loans are more often than not granted over a short term of no longer than 12 months and provide the borrower with immediate funds or a stop gap in order to fund a particular project.

Our commercial property solicitors have a great understanding of how important their role is when dealing with bridging finance. We can act on behalf of the lender to make sure that the property that is to be mortgaged has a good and marketable title and ensure that the interests of the lender are appropriately protected.

Our team also have considerable experience in acting for borrowers when dealing with bridging finance and appreciate that such arrangements often provide for highly charged and stressful times. That is why we strive to ensure that the transaction is progressed as promptly and as stress free as possible.

Whether acting on behalf of the lender or borrower, our team will typically be involved with the preparation and advising in connection with a myriad of loan documentation which often includes: 

  • Facility Letter
  • Legal Charge
  • Debenture
  • Personal Guarantees

Development Finance

Development finance usually involves the loan of funds to be secured over property that is yet to be developed.

Similar to a bridging loan, development finance is often intended to be for a short-term period to cover the build costs of a particular development.

The borrower will subsequently be looking to sell the development or refinance it by traditional means once the development phase has been completed and it is crucial therefore that the transaction is dealt correctly at a very early stage so as to ensure that there are no problems later down the line which could potentially ward off future funders or buyers.

Our commercial property team hold the necessary expertise and experience to ensure that the appropriate advice and assistance is offered at every step of the way so that the borrower can achieve any goals that it has set for the development. 

For further information or to speak to a member of our team please call 01928 735 333 or click here for a call back.

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