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Employment Tribunal Fees

Rowlinsons offers information to guide employers through our Employment Tribunal Fees when dealing with claims before a tribunal. We can provide you with a more definitive quotation after assessing your case.

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Employment Tribunal Fees

We are obliged to provide cost information in respect of dealing with claims before an employment tribunal and our Employment Team have considerable experience of handling the same.

Due to the complexity of employment claims, the various heads of action that may be claimed and defended, the extent of statutory claims that may or may not arise, it is difficult to provide a definitive quotation. However, we have set out a guide below, albeit we would recommend that you contact our Employment Team in the first instance who will be happy to arrange a free initial no obligation appointment. This will provide you with the opportunity to explain your specific set of circumstances and obtain a full and accurate estimate of costs. Please note that we charge based on an hourly rate which depends on the complexity of the matter and in turn the member of staff who is dealing with the same. We will discuss this matter with you in the initial consultation.

Our Legal Fees

Straight forward claim with minimum complexity£3,000 - £6,000 plus VAT ( £3,600 - £7,200 inc VAT)
A case of medium complexity£6,000 - £11,000 plus VAT (£7,200 - £13,200 inc VAT)
High complexity case£11,000 - £18,000 plus VAT (£13,200 - £21,600 inc VAT)

In considering which estimate band a claim may fall, there are various factors which can increase the complexity of an employment case and we have set our some examples as per below.

  1. Claims involving allegations under the Equality Act, including discrimination claims.
  2. Matters involving claims of automatically unfair dismissal.
  3. Defending matters which are brought by a litigant in person which by their nature tend to increase the work load of the defendant’s solicitor.
  4. Whether complex preliminary issues arise for example definitions of disability under the Equality Act.
  5. The requirement for Initial hearings as to employment status etc.
  6. The nature and quantity of documents either to consider in advance or by way of disclosure during proceedings.
  7. Whether the case requires specific advice from a Barrister either in writing or by way of a conference.
  8. Urgency with regard to time limits.
  9. Whether it becomes necessary to amend pleadings within the proceedings or to obtain and provide further information, not originally envisaged.
  10. Whether there are interim applications before the tribunal.
  11. Where attendance is required at the tribunal in addition to a barrister.


Disbursements are payments made to third parties, such as barristers fees. Currently, there are no fees payable for commencing an Employment Tribunal claim, albeit this could be subject to change in the future. If the involvement of a barrister is necessary then their fees can be anything between £750 to £1,500 per day plus VAT (£900 - £1800 inc VAT).

What work is covered by the fees?

The cost estimate set out above covers the following matters;

  1. Initial instructions and review of any documentation including contracts, work/staff handbook, and preparing the relevant paperwork for the tribunal including where necessary obtaining initial advice from a barrister.
  2. Exploring settlement options and advising on settlement figures.
  3. Preparing for and where necessary instructing counsel to attend on any preliminary hearing, agreed exchange of documents and court bundles.
  4. Attending on witnesses and taking statements, drafting statements for exchange and serving on the court, preparation for an attendance at any hearing including were necessary instructions to counsel to attend.

The costs set out above do not include claims in the Civil Court, for example claims for wrongful dismissal. They also do not cover advice on or making any appeal from a decision of the employment tribunal.

Time Estimates

It is very difficult to provide an accurate time estimate as a matter may settle prior to hearing while another may take considerable time and go to a full hearing. If a settlement is reached prior to tribunal proceedings, then the matter may take 2-8 weeks to resolve. However, if the claim proceeds to final hearing then the matter can take anywhere between 6 and 12 months. Please note that this is just an estimate and we will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate as the matter progresses.

Please note that as a firm we do not offer or work on conditional fee agreements. However we can in certain circumstances, having considered initial documentation offer fixed fee arrangements. In these circumstances the agreed fixed fee will cover our charges for dealing with your case from the beginning to the end.

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