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Estate Administration

Rowlinsons team has years of experience in Estate Administration. Our dedicated solicitors are on your side and by your side to ensure that you receive competent and effective legal advice.

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Administration of Estates

When someone close to you passes away, handling their estate can feel overwhelming. During such a challenging time, you may find yourself in need of both legal advice and practical support. At Rowlinsons Solicitors, our Estate Administration lawyers are here to guide you through this process, offering assistance in whatever capacity you need.

In 2018, Rowlinsons won the Law Society Excellence award for ‘Excellence in Private Practice’ and has been highly commended in the 2023 British Wills & Probate Awards. These achievements reflect the high-quality advice and service our Private Client department provides.

Several members of our Private Client team are also part of STEP, the global professional association for solicitors who specialise in family inheritance and succession planning. STEP members are highly trained and considered specialists in this complex area of law. So you can rest assured that we offer only the highest-quality estate administration services here at Rowlinsons.

Our Estate Administration Solicitors have the necessary knowledge to answer the complex questions that may arise concerning your property, assets and financial affairs. Moving at a pace that suits you, we can help you plan for the future and deal with all aspects of Wills and estate planning. When someone close to you has died, our probate solicitors can assist the personal representatives with their estate administration and ‘obtain probate.’

Please call 01928 617 055 or fill in a contact form here to make an appointment. We can also arrange home and hospital visits within the local area upon request.

What is Estate Administration?

Estate administration refers to managing all assets a person owns upon their death. It also concerns the distribution of assets belonging to the person’s estate. Distribution of the estate’s assets involves following the instructions made in the person’s Will, or, where no Will is left, is decided by the court and governed by the rules of intestacy.

These processes may sound straightforward but can often be complex, and unsurprisingly, we generally find they are the last thing you or grieving family members want to be dealing with when you have lost someone close.

If you are coming to terms with the loss of a partner, relative or friend and are now looking for support and guidance to help settle their affairs, our Estate Administration Solicitors can provide all the help and legal expertise you need.  We can ease the burden on you at an emotional and distressing time by handling the administration of the deceased’s estate with professionalism, sensitivity, compassion and a thorough understanding of the law.

Who can Estate Administration Solicitors help?

Handling the administration of an estate and its assets after the passing of a loved one can be demanding, often involving numerous parties and requiring careful coordination—Rowlinsons is well-equipped to guide you through this challenging period with a comprehensive suite of estate planning and administration services. We understand the complexities of estate administration and are committed to providing tailored support to meet the needs of everyone involved.

We’ve crafted our services to assist a diverse range of clients, including:

  • Family members
  • Executors and administrators
  • Beneficiaries
  • Business owners
  • Landowners
  • High-net-worth individuals and families
  • Charities

Each of these roles carries unique responsibilities and challenges in estate administration, and our expert legal team offers the specialised guidance necessary to manage these intricacies effectively.

We offer several funding options to accommodate our clients’ varying financial circumstances. Notably, we provide fixed fees across our entire range of services. This approach ensures transparency and helps clients manage their financial commitments upfront, without unexpected costs.

Regardless of your relationship with the deceased or role in the process, Rowlinsons is here to provide expert legal advice. We aim to protect your best interests and ensure the estate is managed and distributed according to the deceased’s wishes and legal requirements. Whether you seek to understand your rights as a beneficiary, require support in executing your duties as an executor or need strategic advice on handling complex asset distributions, our team is ready to assist you every step of the way.

Dealing with finances after death

Managing the financial affairs of a loved one after their passing can be an overwhelming and emotional task—that’s why at Rowlinsons Solicitors, we’re here to guide you compassionately every step of the way, starting with identifying all bank accounts, investments and other financial connections that were in the name of the deceased. Our team will handle the necessary communications to obtain closing valuations from these institutions.

Together with the executors, we will review the details and instructions outlined in the Will, making informed decisions on whether accounts should be closed or transferred to beneficiaries; this includes submitting the required grant of probate to banks, mortgage companies and other relevant entities—our Step by Step Guide to Probate can help navigate you through the necessary prerequisites for this step.

Our dedicated team will also manage the sale of shares and assets within the UK and internationally if needed. Should the estate include assets designated for transfer to beneficiaries, we will organise these processes for you.

Settling debts is part of our commitment, ensuring appropriate handling if the estate’s funds allow. Our skilled Private Client and Commercial teams include tax specialists adept in personal and corporate tax matters, ready to efficiently manage and minimise any tax liabilities your loved one’s estate may face.

Additionally, we will oversee the finalisation of the estate’s standing concerning Inheritance Tax and secure the necessary ‘clearance’ from HMRC. Should there be a chance to reclaim any overpaid inheritance taxes, we will pursue this opportunity on your behalf.

At this challenging time, our goal is to relieve the burden of these financial duties, allowing you to focus on healing and remembering your loved one.

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Estate administration disputes

Estate administration can sometimes lead to disputes and disagreements amongst family members. It is not uncommon for a Will to not reflect previously discussed or expected instructions for asset distribution, particularly in the final years of a person’s life. Additionally, situations where no Will exists, particularly amid a complex family history, can leave dependents facing financial hardships after the death of a loved one.

Various factors can prompt challenges or disputes over Wills, a scenario often called ‘contentious probate.’ If you are involved in such disputes, choosing Rowlinsons means securing a partnership with a distinguished and vigorous team dedicated to defending your interests and advocating on your behalf.

For further information on estate administration disputes, our Inheritance Dispute Solicitors are on hand to provide expert legal guidance.

What do Estate Administration Solicitors do?

Estate Administration Solicitors manage the distribution of a deceased person’s estate, handling tasks such as valuing the estate, settling debts, preparing estate accounts and ensuring all legal requirements are met, including trusts and property transfers. They provide comprehensive support, guiding executors and beneficiaries through the process and maintaining clear communication.

What should I do following the death of a family member?

Local councils, HMRC, the Department for Work and Pensions, creditors and financial institutions must be aware of the person’s death. A solicitor can notify these entities for you, represent you and manage all related communications. A tax team can also handle the necessary tax forms and apply for the grant of probate, taking on the responsibilities and liabilities of estate administration.

What happens to property after the owner dies?

After an owner’s death, their property, including homes or commercial assets, is handled through estate administration. Rowlinsons provides comprehensive legal services for managing and potentially selling these properties, regardless of their type or ownership status.

Who deals with administering an estate?

The administration of an estate is typically managed by executors named in the deceased’s Will. They are responsible for collecting the estate’s assets, settling debts and distributing the remaining assets to the beneficiaries.

Is Inheritance Tax payable on an estate?

Whether Inheritance Tax is payable depends on the estate’s value relative to the Inheritance Tax threshold. Tax can be adjusted based on any unused tax threshold from a deceased spouse, and various reliefs may apply, particularly for business or agricultural properties.

How long does estate administration take?

Administering an estate can take three months for simple cases to over a year, especially when complicated by tax issues. Most estates are settled within 12 months, but those with tax obligations may experience additional delays.

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Rowlinsons Solicitors is a specialist law firm in Cheshire with years of experience dealing with all matters relating to Estate Administration. We support clients across Cheshire and the North West from our offices in Frodsham and Runcorn (Sutton Weaver), including individuals in Warrington, Widnes, St Helens, Chester, and Northwich.

We always aim to achieve amicable resolutions to all disputes regarding Estate Administration. However, our Personal Solicitors are experienced professionals with accreditations in many areas of the law and can support you through litigation if necessary.

As a specialist firm of Solicitors in Cheshire, we offer expert legal advice to clients across England and Wales. Contact us today to find out more about our Estate Administration services.

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