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Our Options and Overages Agreement Solicitors are always available to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome for your property transaction. We can point you to the best direction for you or your business.

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Options, Uplift and Overage Clauses

There can be significant profit made when selling or buying land and our commercial property solicitors have the necessary expertise to ensure that you maximise your profit and investment.

Current market trends are showing that developers are increasingly looking to purchase land for the purposes of development and it is extremely beneficial therefore for those selling land to seek to maximise any profit that they can make from the land, whether that be at point of sale or many years in to the future.

In order to secure a share in any future profits it will be necessary for a seller to ensure that the buyer enters in to one of various forms of legal agreement such as an overage agreement or land promotion agreement.

There are many elements which could affect the ultimate return in value for a seller and it is crucial therefore that the appropriate legal advice is sought before agreeing to any sale. Our commercial property solicitors are experienced in and able to advise in connection with the preparation and implementation of such agreements so as to ensure that your interests and those of your successors are protected well into the future.

In addition to the creation of new agreements, it is not uncommon to see a dispute arise out of an agreement which may have been prepared some time ago, sometimes by the previous owners of a property. This could result in difficulties in realising the investment that has been made and it is therefore necessary to address any dispute head on.

Our team have the necessary expertise to advise on any agreements that may already be in place and guide you in the right direction to protect your investment.

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