Do I have any rights to see my Grandchildren?

Grandparents don’t have legal rights to see their grandchildren. If there has been a family breakdown, and the grandparents are finding it difficult to see their grandchildren, the first step would be to see whether arrangements can be agreed as a family. Sometimes mediation can be helpful to achieve this.

If an agreement cannot be reached, it might be possible to consider making an application to Court for a child arrangements order. The process for grandparents usually differs from the process parents take, as grandparents have the added step first of requiring leave of the court to apply. If leave, or permission, is granted, the grandparents can then go on to pursue their application for a child arrangements order.

If you want to talk about a Child Arrangements Order, or to consider whether you wish to apply for one, please telephone Rowlinsons Solicitors on 01928 735333 and ask to speak with the family department.

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