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Family Mediation Week 2024

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Family Mediation Week 2024

Rowlinsons Solicitors are proud to support Family Mediation Week 2024 which runs from 22nd -26th January and is organised by the Family Mediation Council.

Family Mediation Week aims to raise awareness of Family Mediation and promote its use in navigating arrangements related to parenting, property, and finances.

Individuals grappling with separation often find themselves overwhelmed by numerous challenging questions such as:

  • Where will each person reside?
  • How will debts and pensions be handled?
  • What about family pets?
  • Where will the children live, and how can both parents ensure quality time with them?
  • How will financial matters be sorted out?

Family mediation is a structured process involving an impartial and professionally trained mediator who assists in resolving these issues, providing an alternative to courtroom confrontation.

Linda Hunter, Head of Family Law at Rowlinsons commented:

“We’ve seen a significant increase in the number of separating couples looking to use mediation to avoid the conflict and stress that can arise through the court process.

Mediation can be especially helpful where parents need to sort out how they can best raise their children, even though they will no longer be living together or where a couple wish to remain as amicable as possible, even after separating.”

The Ministry of Justice’s voucher scheme is still offering a contribution of up to £500 towards the mediation costs for eligible cases.

To speak to an accredited mediation specialist please call 01928 735333 or email