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Charity Team Smash Their Annual Challenge!

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Charity Team Smash Their Annual Challenge!

The Rowlinsons team successfully completed their Ride Row Run Challenge and have raised over £3000 for SPACE.

Below are some of the comments from our team members!

Alicia Sheath

I was definitely sceptical about whether or not I would be able to complete the Rowlinsons challenge - I had only ever been in a canoe once before and did not know how it would turn out.

During the rowing, I found myself having to deal face on with one of my greatest fears - spiders! Instead of rowing in a straight line, Chelsie and I found ourselves rowing in a zig-zag through a number of trees and bushes, which must of added a few miles on to our journey!! As a result of this, we found ourselves sharing a canoe with quite a few critters. At one point I did feel that I was participating in a bush tucker trial rather than a charity event! 

My favourite part had to be sailing full force into a tree which took out Chelsie and nearly capsized us - the image of that will certainly stay with me for some time. My least favourite part was the aches and pains that set in after a few hours - there were a few occasions that I thought I would have to give up but, instead, I kept in my mind the children and families we were helping. This helped me through the hours of rowing and then we finally reached the finish line! All of the nervousness, all of the spiders and other creepy crawlies, all of the aches and pains were worth it in the end and I am so proud of myself and my colleagues for what we have achieved and what we have raised for such a wonderful charity! Bring on the next challenge!! (although I hope the next one involves less spiders...).

Nicky Jones

It was tough and I definitely underestimated it.

I got a puncture 16 miles into a 20 mile bike ride which I couldn’t fix, I was devastated. We had a tyre pump and puncture repair kit but did I know how to get my tyre off? No. So the rescue team had to collect me!

Ally Stretton and I navigated the River Dee from Farndon Bridge to Sandy Lane like keen novices; stuck in the trees, weeds and lily pads on the right side of the river bank half the time, shouted at by professional rowers for breach of the river rules some of the time and nearly attacked by a dairy cow that ran into the water. I’ve never seen a cow run. It would have been almost terrifying if we weren’t so far away and we hadn’t exaggerated the level of risk.

We were informed by the kayak company that the 11 mile section of river would take between 3-4 hours. To do it in 2 hours 45, without capsizing once, made us feel like total heroes. We arrived in at 2:45pm. And then we had to run! Megan Renshaw pulled me through the pain! My legs were like fish fins at that point but we did it.

All of a sudden, in the splashing and silliness, we remembered exactly what we did this for and we’re delighted to have raised so much for SPACE.

Laura Hough

What a challenge! I knew this wasn’t going to be easy and I prepared well in advance for this event. I had practiced each event separately to be sure I could do the distance required – except for the row! I had covered no more than 5 miles in previous rows so knew that I had to give extra effort to reach the 11 miles set for us. On the day, I was so excited to get going!

We started with the bike ride and I found this to be brilliant as the route was mostly flat and comfortable and we all stuck together – ringing our bells for all to hear! Some colleagues even come out to say hello as we passed on our route and I must say this made me so happy and rather emotional – reminding me of how wonderful our Rowlinsons team really are! This kept me smiling throughout the ride. Mark and Saran were wonderful in navigating our ride and to see their happy faces on each turn, really did give the team a boost! Next up, the row. I teamed up with the best partner, Megan. I knew she wanted to get through the row as quickly and painlessly as possible so we figured the quicker we row the quicker we will finish and our efforts were redeemed as we finished in less than 3 hours!! The route was scenic and peaceful. We were so happy to finish and we both found this to be the hardest part of the event.

Finally, the run. From sitting still in the canoe for hours, my feet were completely numb but as this was the final stretch I powered on through and kept focus reminding myself it was almost over.It is an amazing feeling to finish all 3 challenges in good time and to see family and friends watching and cheering on. This was all for SPACE and we hope the money raised will help out in many ways. A massive WELL DONE to everyone who took part, a big thank you to Ally and the committee for organising such a wonderful day and to all that made it possible. I will cherish this fantastic day and I am grateful to be part of an amazing team. Bring on the next one…

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