Personal Representatives are the individuals named in the will to act as Executors or the next of kin of someone who has left no will.

As a Personal Representative you may need to apply for a legal document known as a Grant of Probate which enables you to deal with the assets in the estate.

The responsibilities involved in being a Personal Representative can be quite stressful and complex especially at what will more than likely be a distressing time.

To help you ‘obtain probate’ and relieve the burden, the team at Rowlinsons can assist with a range of duties, including:

• Evaluating the size of the estate;
• Ascertaining whether any Inheritance Tax is payable;
• Completing the Inheritance Tax forms;
• Drafting the appropriate Oath to enable the Grant of Probate to be obtained (if the deceased left a Will) or
• Obtaining a Grant of Letters of Administration if the deceased died without making a Will or left a Will appointing no Executors.

Our team can assist with all aspects of the estate administration including closing Bank / Building Society accounts, transferring / selling land or residential property and ultimately distributing the assets to the beneficiaries of the estate.

We have considerable experience in dealing with the administration of estates of all size and complexity so if you do require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on 01928 735333 to arrange a free appointment or click here for a call back.

Click here to download our probate guide.