Buying Your Freehold


Are you worried about unfair terms in your lease or the amount of ground rent that you pay? If so, act now and buy your freehold.

Mortgage lenders are also tightening their lending criteria for leasehold properties and in some cases may refuse to lend where ground rent provisions or other terms are perceived as being too onerous.  Many leasehold properties have been sold with such onerous provisions having been imposed.

It is not uncommon to see a ground rent of £350.00 imposed at the outset of a lease but when you factor in a provision which doubles that figure every ten years, in only thirty years the ground rent will have reached £2,400.00 which is a significant amount to pay on an annual basis for the privilege of occupying the land on which the property is built.

In addition, many property leases contain restrictions such as a requirement for the homeowner to seek the consent of the landlord before any external alterations can be made to the property. In some cases ‘external alterations’ can include the addition of a garden shed! In order to provide its consent, the landlord will often require the home owner to pay a ‘consent fee’ which in many cases could be costly.

The only way for a home owner to avoid such ground rent increases and unreasonable consent fees in these circumstances is to buy the freehold.

Provided that you have been registered with the Land Registry as the owner of the property for at least two years then you do have a statutory right to buy the freehold and we can help.

If you are therefore interested in buying your freehold and want to discuss further click here or call 01928 735 333.

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