What is collaborative law?

Collaborative Law is a process that a couple can use to help them through a separation or divorce. It is a voluntary and entirely confidential process which involves you and your former partner sitting down with a collaboratively trained family lawyer to work things out, face to face. You each work with your solicitors, working out the best solutions for you and your family.

If necessary, the collaborative process can also involve other third party professionals, such as financial or mortgage advisors, pension specialists, or counsellors. The process is entirely tailored to you and your former partner to enable you both to reach an amicable resolution in the best interests of your family.

You and your former partner, as well as each of your collaborative solicitors, sign a participation agreement which confirms you will all work together with the upmost trust and respect, being open and honest throughout, and committed to reaching a resolution by agreement rather than conflict. The agreement disqualifies your solicitors from being able to represent you in court if the process breaks down.

Your collaborative solicitors can also help you to put your arrangements into legally binding documents or Court orders, where appropriate. They can also help you to implement any agreements that you have reached as well.

For more information about the collaborative law process, or to organise a free initial no obligation appointment to talk about your options, telephone Rowlinsons Solicitors on 01928 735333 and ask to speak with the family department.

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