How does Child Inclusive Mediation work?

The first step in Child Inclusive Mediation is for the mediator to meet with both parents to discuss the role of the mediator, and to consider whether it is appropriate for the child to be included in the process. The mediator will only see the child with the permission of both parents and we will write to the child to attend an appointment. If the child does not wish to see the mediator, they can say no. Both parents will be made aware of when the appointment is. The mediator will have talked to both parents about ways to prepare the child for this meeting.

The meeting with the child is confidential and at the end of the meeting, the child and the mediator will agree what can be fed back to the parents. The mediator will talk to the child about the limits of confidentiality; the same limits for the parents in the mediation process.

If there are brothers and sisters, they can be seen together or separately.

As part of the process the parents will have previously agreed with the mediator to a further meeting to hear what the child had to say. This will give the parents the opportunity to take account of the comments and views of their child and help them make decisions which best suit everyone.

Next steps

If you want to talk about Child Inclusive Mediation further, please email Linda Hunter or call 01928 735 333.

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