Divorce For Business Owners


For couples with business interests and significant assets, how this will be dealt with when divorcing often forms a key part of discussions. Expert legal advice is needed to consider the value of these assets and how they are to be divided within the financial settlement.

The family law department at Rowlinsons have experience in helping clients through the complexities of dividing assets in divorce. We also have a network of trusted advisors, including forensic accountants, actuaries and surveyors, who can uncover assets and assist in calculating a fair valuation.

We are one of a select number of law firms who are able to provide a full range legal advice on family matters and are also trained in mediation and collaborative law. This means we can review all options available to you and where possible attempt to reach an agreement out of court, saving time and money.

Whichever route you take, having a divorce solicitor with experience in complex or high net worth matters will ensure you achieve the best outcome.

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