Child Inclusive Mediation


Child Inclusive Mediation is a way to help parents to make arrangements for their children following separation or divorce. It can form part of the mediation process, and is an option that will be discussed with you by your mediator.

Linda Hunter, Head of Family at Rowlinsons Solicitor is a Law Society accredited family mediator and qualified to provide child inclusive mediation. Family mediation can be a cost effective solution enabling you to make informed decisions that are right for your circumstances, your future, and ultimately your family.

Child inclusive mediation allows the child to give their views on the proposals and arrangements you as parents are talking about in mediation. The child should not feel they need to take sides, especially if there is a difference of opinion between the parents and the mediator will not be asking the child to make any decisions.

When parents are disagreeing about how to share their parenting, the voice of the child is sometimes not heard very clearly, as the adults are preoccupied. Child Inclusive mediation is an independent way of getting the voice of the child in the room and reaching a solution that takes into account the interests of all parties. Further information on Child Inclusive Mediation can be found here.

Next steps

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