Loans, Security and Business Finance

The majority of businesses, will at some point encounter a time where they are likely to either borrow or lend money. Whilst this may be to keep the business in operation, it can often be in connection with a major transaction such as an investment or significant acquisition.

This will invariably involve the granting (or taking) of security.

There are various forms of security that can be agreed, from a conventional mortgage, to a charge or debenture over the businesses trade or assets. However, sometimes businesses may use more unconventional forms of security.

Whatever option you are looking to take, the experienced Rowlinsons team will guide you through the process in a language you understand. Our team have the expertise to be able to deal with any required registration on your behalf, as well as assist you with any documentation that needs to be drafted.

To speak with one of our team regarding the above please contact us on 01928 735333.