Terms and Conditions of Sale and Supply

All businesses whether big or small, should have standard terms and conditions for sale and supply of goods or services.  In particular for major contracts it may be necessary to have specifically negotiated terms of business. These terms and conditions will protect your rights and limit your liabilities when dealing in a transaction with your customer. Many businesses supply goods and services on the basis of informal, often verbal arrangements, however there is less chance of a dispute if the terms of the agreement are clearly set out in writing.

At Rowlinsons we can produce an agreement that will help protect you in a variety of scenarios, for example where a customer enters insolvency or you are sued for a large sum of money.

The terms and conditions will often cover:

• Costs
• Scope of the service provided or goods supplied
• Delivery arrangements
• Payment terms
• Credit limits and credit periods
• The right to charge interest on late payments
• Data Protection

If you require assistance or additional information regarding the above please contact the Rowlinsons team on 01928 735333.