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How can you sign your will when you are in social isolation?

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The law requires that your will is signed in the presence of two witnesses, who should not be family members, beneficiaries under your will or the spouses or civil partners of beneficiaries.

So, when the time comes to sign your will how can you do this if you are in isolation?

  • We will send you the will document together with detailed instructions for signing and witnessing.
  • Obviously don’t breach government advice if you have symptoms or have been in contact with someone known to be carrying the virus.
  • For those maintaining social distancing as a precaution – you will have to take a view as to whether you are willing to interact with two people for the purpose of signing your will.
  • You will also need to find two suitable witnesses willing to meet with you for the very short time it takes to put three signatures on a page.
  • Often people ask friends, neighbours or work colleagues to witness wills for them – perhaps if neighbours are bringing shopping for you, or you have popped into work and colleagues are there then they will be willing to act as witnesses for you.
  • The witness does not need to read the entire will – they only need to witness you sign it.
  • Both witnesses need to witness you sign the will and to remain present whilst they each also sign it.
  • Spring is here – can you meet to sign your will outdoors? Use your patio table or meet in a local park? Each bring your own pen so as to avoid sharing? Exercise good hand hygiene before and after handling the will document?

Remember – once you have signed your will you should return it to us so that we can check it appears to be properly signed and witnessed.  It is really important that you don’t attach anything to it (for example, do not attach a covering letter to us with a paperclip).

For further advice and to arrange your free initial telephone meeting please call 01928 735333 or email